The subtle art of not giving a f*ck

The subtle art of not giving a single flying fuck, it not that we as human beings don’t know that we should be content, we should be satisfied with the things that we have around us. Its just that the way we’re being influenced by the media and everything else around, it kinda puts us in this place where we get dissatisfied and we don’t feel happy or we don’t feel content with the things that we do have in our life or the thing we do enjoy in our life and I don’t know why it’s so obvious for everyone or why is it so certain and why is it so mandatory for everyone to own a BMW or a Mercedes. Its all right, i mean it’s rather more important for you to enjoy the process till you getting the Mercedes, till you getting the BMW than just having it for no reason at all. If you’re giving too much importance to things that doesn’t really matter, things that don’t affect us on our daily, regular, immediate basis, then that’s not that important to think about them at the very first place. If we aren’t able to put our minds to the right things At the right time, if you’re sitting and sulking on things like breakups or a job or a friend who doesn’t talk to you anymore that won’t help you grow in life , that won’t help you be your better self.